To visit such a beautiful island as Gran Canaria and not discover its beauty would be a sin. You would have to look for such an exceptional place in the world for a long time. Sand dunes like on Sahara, rocky gorges reminiscent of the western United States, rainforests. Where else could you see all these beauties on such a small area. In addition, a history dating back to before the birth of Christ. Architecture where buildings from the time of the conquest of America intersect to the most modern buildings. Cool your feet in the waters of the ocean and in a few moments look at the ocean from a height of almost 2000 meters. This is Gran Canaria. We are happy to provide you with these experiences.

In our offer you will find a wide range of trips and excursions, which we have prepared for you in cooperation with local partners. When choosing partners, we emphasized their many years of experience in the field as well as quality references, which are also confirmed by our clients. Information on booking options can be found at the bottom of the page.

We have divided our offer into several thematic areas:

It is also possible to combine several activities and plan an interesting day. In general, such combined packages are more cost-effective than participating in individual activities alone.

In Gran Canaria we also offer excursions for small groups of up to 4 people by car.

Trip reservations

You can book a trip through our form, in which you fill in the necessary information and we will arrange a reservation based on that. After paying the booking fee, you will receive a service voucher from us. The booking fee varies depending on the individual partners. You pay the difference between the booking fee and the full price at the beginning of the trip or excursion in cash.

Book trips directly in Gran Canaria

If you are planning a holiday in Gran Canaria, but do not want to book excursions in advance because you cannot decide what you would like, make an appointment with us. On the day of arrival, we will meet you at the hotel in the evening and present the entire offer.

If you are already on vacation and you have decided to take a trip or excursion, contact us at +34 – 635 232 849 or through the whats-app application at +34 – 635 232 849. We will arrange a meeting with you and arrange everything directly at your hotel. Alternatively, you can visit us during consultation hours at one of the hotels. You can find the list in the contact section.

You can choose from our offer of trips.