You don’t must to go anywhere to book activities in Gran Canaria. Part of our “we make holiday better” philosophy is that we will come to you at a place and time that suits you best, so that we do not disturb your rest in Gran Canaria.

Welcome to Gran Canaria Travel, which, as the name itself says, specializes mainly in services for clients in Gran Canaria, but also in other Canary Islands. We operate directly on the Gran Canaria island. To visit such a beautiful island as Gran Canaria and not discover its beauty would be a sin. You would have to look for such an exceptional place in the world for a long time. Sand dunes like on Sahara, rocky gorges reminiscent of the western United States, rainforests. Where else could you see all these beauties on such a small area. In addition, a history dating back to before the birth of Christ. Architecture where buildings from the time of the conquest of America intersect to the most modern buildings. Cool your feet in the waters of the ocean and in a few moments look at the ocean from a height of almost 2000 meters. This is Gran Canaria. We are happy to provide you with these experiences.

Gran Canaria Travel

Do you want to choose the hotel that suits you best in the Canary Islands? Gran Canaria Travel offers accommodation in all hotels of the highest quality hotel chains on all islands.

Gran Canaria Travel

Directly in the Canary Islands, we cooperate with hotels from the hotel networks RIU hotels & resorts, LOPESAN hotel group, BARCELÓ hotel group, DUNAS hotels & reosrts, MELIÁ hotel group, H10 hotel group and SERVATUR hotels & resorts. In the listed hotels we offer you the possibility of accommodation individually, with your own transport. Thanks to direct cooperation with the above-mentioned hotel chains, our prices are the lowest on the market for a long time.

Our services are all inclusive. Under the term Gran Canaria all inclusive, most imagine a hotel with an all-inclusive program. We also offer other types of all inclusive services. In cooperation with verified partners, we will arrange trips, excursions, car rental and other services during your stay. In addition to classic stays, we will be happy to prepare a wedding for you in Gran Canaria or arrange a corporate meeting. With us you can go to the neighboring island of Tenerife but also to fishing on the ocean.

Is there something you did not find in our offer? We will definitely find a solution for you. Just call us or send us a whatsapp message to +34 635 232 849 or send an email to